25th July 2017

Having discussions with an archery club who might be interested in any or either of the following:

We will see if we can find some craftsmen skilled in making longbows and arrows to also demonstrate their trade.

22nd June 2017

Committee meeting at Harris River Estate to discuss:

13th June 2017

Brother Kevin Hugh McKay, Right Worshipful District Grandmaster of Scottish Freemasonry in WA has accepted our invitation to attend the Collie Clan Gathering and participate in the offical opening.
The Collie Clan Gathering is an initiative of the Collie Pioneer Day Lodge (Masonic lodge) and Brother McKay's role will be to welcome guests at the event on behalf of all Freemasons. Freemasonry is spread all around the world with lodges in most countries. Each region has its own peak body or Grand Lodge. When Australia was settled there were thousands of Freemsons among the early pioneers and they soon established lodges here, operating under warrants predominantly granted by the Grand lodges of England, Scotland, and to a lesser degree, Ireland. In time, the members of these lodges decided they would rather have their own local Grand lodge rather than answer to a Grand Lodge on the other side of the world, and petitioned their respective Grand lodges accordingly. Permissions were granted and the Grand Lodge of Western Australia was consecrated in 1900. Most, but not all, lodges then became part of the Grand Lodge of WA. Several lodges elected to remain part of the United Grand Lodge of England (e.g. Plantagenet Lodge in Albany), and a larger number of Scottish lodges elected to remain part of the Grand lodge of Scotland, so their Grand masters are respectively in England and Scotland. The Scottish Grand Master saw fit to appoint a District Grand Master in Western Australia, and the current DGM is Brother Kevin Hugh McKay. The Collie Clan Gathering is both a Scottish festival and also an initiative of the Collie Masonic lodge - who better to welcome guests on both counts than the most senior represntative of Scottish Freemsonry in WA, Brother Kevin McKay DGM?

27th April 2017

Event Director, James Elliott, met with Wayne Bentley, Rod Latham, and Sasha, president and committeepersons, respectively, of the Collie Swimming Club, at 11.00am, to discuss liqor licencing and supplies. The swimming club has a team of members who are RSA qualified, and Wayne is a qualified Bar Manager. They offer their services to other clubs who wish to hold functions which include bar services. They will be staffing the Highland Tavern, a marquee bar and beer garden at the Collie Clan Gathering. Many details were discussed and James then went to visit prospective suppliers of Scottish and local beers, and spirits. Locally produced wines will also be available.

Meanwhile, back in the office, confirmation letters were prepared and sent to:

all of whom will be participating at the Collie Clan Gathering in October (14/10/17)

Chief Margaret Eliott of Redheugh, 29th Chief of the Elliot Clan, confirmed that she has her tickets and is looking forward to her trip to Australia in October, and to being Chief of the Games at the Collie Clan Gathering in Collie.

6th June 2017

have all confimred that they would like a stall/site at the Collie Clan Gathering. The Collie Swimming Club have confirmed that they will supply a qualified Bar Manager and Bar Staff to man the Highland Tavern (tent bar and beer garden overlooking the Clan Village and sound stage)

Sponsorship has been confirmed from the following sponsors:

Many thanks to our sponsors for supporting a wonderful, Collie event.